Semester Course Guidelines

Guidelines relating to Semester Course of Studies and Examinations

 The entire PG (Two-year) course of studies in different subjects shall be equally divided into four semesters as per the relevant approved syllabi.

A student who has been admitted to M.A. /M.Sc./M.SW/LL.M courses of studies, and has prosecuted a regular course of studies in the subject at the P.G. Depts. of this University may be admitted to the Semester(s) examinations at the end of course work of each Semester subjects stipulated in these Regulations and the rules as may be framed there under.

There shall be one written and one practical examination (where applicable) at the end of the course work of each semester as per the prescribed syllabus in the subject concerned. Internal Assessment (during the semester) will be conducted. There shall be no qualifying marks for Internal   Assessment, but the candidates shall have to appear at the said part of the examinations.
Project Report/Term Paper/Field Work report, where applicable , is to be submitted by the examinees during the fourth Semester as a part of the Special/Optional Paper(s).
Attendance at the classes for all semesters shall be governed by the rules framed by the University.

The Pass marks for each Theoretical/Practical Paper/Project Paper & Terms Paper including allied Viva-voce, if any, shall be 35%. Credit will be retained paper –wise within the prescribed chances in each semester.

The provisional result of each semester will be published stating only the total marks obtained by a candidate and the mark sheet would be issued showing the marks obtained in each paper. However, if a candidate fails to secure Qualifying (Pass) marks in a particular semester examination his/her result of next semester examination(s) will be declared as ‘SNC’ (i.e. , Semester Not Cleared).

The final result of a candidate shall be determined on the basis of total marks obtained in all the semesters taken together.

Subject to the fulfillment of the conditions stipulated a candidate who (a) secures 40% marks or more but less than 60% marks in aggregate on the combined result of all the semesters shall be declared to have passed M.A/M.Sc./M.SW/LL.M examination in the Second Class.(b) secures 60% or above in the aggregate on the combined result of all the semesters shall be declared to have passed M.A./M.Sc./M.SW/LL.M examination in the First Class.

A candidate shall get three consecutive chances including the original one , to appear in a semester ,within a total period of four years calculated from the year of admission to the course during which he/she has to complete the course. The chance not availed of by the candidate shall be deemed to have lapsed. The results of 4th Semester examination  shall be kept withheld unless a candidate has cleared all the previous semesters.

Subject to the fulfillment of the conditions stipulated ,a student who, after prosecuting a regular course of studies, does not register himself/herself for it or fails to appear at the examination , or appears at but fails to secure the minimum qualifying marks , as stipulated in any semester examinations may be permitted to continue studies in the next semester(s) as well as to appear at his/her due semester(s) examination within the prescribed chances.

If a candidate after qualifying his/her  4th (final) semester examination , clears his/her any previous back semester examinations within the prescribed chances , he/she would be declared to have passed the final examinations in the year in which he/she clears his/her back semester.
A student who, after undergoing a regular course of studies , appears at any semester examination , in part , or in full , and intends to seek for cancellation of the same may apply for the said purpose to the University within fifteen days from the last date pf completion of the theoretical papers of the said examination. In that case the entire examination including practical paper(s), if any, would be treated  as cancelled. He/ She may be permitted to appear at the relevant semester examinations afresh in the succeeding year(s) if chance remains after obtaining permission from University.

A candidate may avail of the benefit of re-appearing in a maximum number of 50% of the theoretical papers in any semester examination for improvement of result once in the immediately succeeding year provided chance remains and the marks of the said examination would be final and binding. The prayer for Post Publication Review of answer-scripts of re-appeared semester examinations (improvement)will not be allowed. However , in 4th Semester (Final) Examinations any lowering of marks as a consequence of the results of the candidate i.e. 1st Class/ 2nd Class/55%in aggregate declared earlier.

There will be no scope of re-appearing in Term Paper(s)/Project Paper(s)/Internal assessment/Viva-voce/Field Report/Survey Report, if any, for improvement of results.
A candidate  may apply for Post Publication Review of his/her answer-scripts in a maximum number of 50% of theoretical papers in each semester examination as per rules to be framed by the appropriate authority in due course.

To qualify for position in the merit list a candidate shall have to pass all the semesters in his/her due first original chances.

Marks awarded in the Internal Assessment/Viva-voce portion will be credited to a candidate’s performance in subsequent chances.