Bankura University Events


1.       01.04.2014 – A seminar lecture by Cherie Mackeish,University Of Melborne on Troilokyanath Mukhopadhyay.

2.       15.08.2014 –Celebrated Independence Day by Bankura University

3.       05.09.2014 – Celebrated Teacher’s Day by Bankura University.

4.       24.09.2014 - A seminar lecture by Prof. Vanessa Burholt,Swansea University,U.K. on Gerontology & Environment

5.       24.11.2014 to 28.11.2014 – Field Work Orientation Programme for MSW students by Prof. Prasanta Ghosh & Prof. Ashok Sarkar(Dept. Of MSW, Visva- Bharati) on how to conduct open community work and report writing; Joint BDO,Block-1,Bankura on various developmental activities; Dr. Tanuka Roy Sinha & Ms. Rupa Biswas,Bankura University on child rights,role of social worker in villages,types of reports etc.; Ms. Puja Sinha,Badlao Foundation,Tantara on different role of NGOs etc.; PDO,Block-1, Bankura on Panchayati Raj System in India and role of Panchayat in rural development.

6.       22.12.2014 – Workshop on Human Rights organised by HRLN & P.G. Dept. of Law, Social Work, Political Science, Bankura University. Distinguished Speakers are Prof Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay,Vice- Chancellor,Bankura University, Mr. Pradip Kumar Mitra, Registrar, Bankura University, Ms. Ananya Raha,Lecturer,St. Xavier’s College,Kolkata,Mrs. Lipika Dutta,Sr. Lecturer,Law College Durgapur, Rajbandh & Mr. Debdas Dutta,Guest Teacher,Bankura University.

7.       22.12.2014 – ‘Bhasa Sikriti Dibas’ organized by Santali Department of Bankura University

8.       04.01.2015 – Celebrated Foundation Day(6th January,2014) Of Bankura University

9.       19.01.2015 – A seminar lecture by Prof. Paul Sharrad & Prof. Michael R. Griffiths, University of Wollongong,Australia

10.   05.05.2015 – Birthday Celebration of Pandit Raghunath Murmu,founder of ‘Alchiki’ by Dept. of Santali, Bankura University

11.   14.05.2015 – A seminar by USIEF, American Center,Kolkata on Modalities of Fulbright Fellowship

12.   18.05.2015 – A seminar lecture by Dr. Manasendu Kundu,University Of California,Santa Barbara,U.S.A. on Anthropology & Environmental Studies.

13.   30.06.2015 – Celebrated ‘Hool Dibas’ by the Dept. of Santali Bankura University.